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Saudi Arabia is experiencing a very important development in various sectors and diversification of activities to attain a long term objective of boosting non-oil revenues for the economy.  As one of the important pillars of activity towards attaining Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the mining sector has been progressing tremendously in recent years and will continue to acceleratedue to the rapid growth in infrastructure and mining exploration projects. The challenges linked to this growth make it necessary to provide support services that are distinguished with high quality and reliability standards. This is especially true in the civil explosives industry where the standards are key factors for the success of the developmental projects. 



NITRO is an ANFO, a prilled explosive which can be supplied in either cartridge or bulk form. And are suitable for use in dry borehole conditions in quarries and civil works.



MCS manufactures NITRAM and imports EXPLUS emulsion cartridges in a different range of diameters. These explosives are suitable for use as a primer for initiating Ammonium.


Detonating Cord

MCS Detonating Cords contain PETN as the explosive core. It is available in the following standard core loading size of: 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 40 and 70 g/m. For special applications, other sizes


Cast Booster

Due to their high density and velocity of detonation, boosters supplied by MCS offer the best priming characteristics for use with emulsions and bulk emulsion/ANFO blends.

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Welcome To Modern Chemicals & Services Company

Modern Chemicals & Services Company (“MCS”) is a Joint Venture between Modern Chemical Company Ltd and EPC Minetech, a subsidiary of EPC Groupe of France. MCS’s core business activities are the manufacture and supply of civil explosives and tailor-made services to the growing mining and construction industries in the Kingdom.

Below are key strategic and competitive advantages that MCS brings into the Kingdom’s commercial explosives sector:

Technology: EPC GROUPE is one of the leading manufacturers of civil explosives globally, and offers innovative drilling and blasting solutions & services worldwide. Accordingly, MCS seeks to finally bring “state-of-the-art” technologies and know-how developed by EPC Groupe since its founding in 1893 into the Saudi market with the aim of better meeting the growing needs of the mining, and construction sectors.

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