Company Info

Company Info

Modern Chemicals & Services Company (“MCS”), is a Joint Venture between Modern Chemical Company Ltd and EPC Minetech, a subsidiary of EPC Groupe of France. MCS’s core business activities are the manufacture and supply of civil explosives and tailor-made services to the growing mining and construction industries in the Kingdom.

Below are key strategic and competitive advantages that MCS brings into the Kingdom’s commercial explosives sector:

Technology: EPC GROUPE is one of the leading manufacturers of civil explosives globally, and offers innovative drilling and blasting solutions & services worldwide. Accordingly, MCS seeks to finally bring “state-of-the-art” technologies and know-how developed by EPC Groupe since its founding in 1893 into the Saudi market with the aim of better meeting the growing needs of the mining, and construction sectors.

Production Sites: MCS has established two dedicated production facilities in the Kingdom—one in the Eastern Province near the Riyadh-Dammam highway and the other in Jamoom in the Western Province—approximately 85 KM from Jeddah. The day-to-day running of our manufacturing facilities is managed by dedicated and experienced EPC professionals as well as qualified Saudis that adhere to the best-in-the trade practices globally. Our Eastern Province production site has been certified by the High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS) and ANFO production has commenced since August 2011.

Blasting Advisory Services: Apart from manufacturing and marketing explosive materials, MCS offers drilling and blasting advisory services. Our services guide clients on the most cost-effective means to exploit and process mineral ores.

Bulk Explosives : MCS brings to the Kingdom the new concept of Bulk Explosives supply in MEMU Trucks (Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units) which enable MCS to manufacture bulk explosives on-site, a technology that is new in Saudi Arabia and for which MCS is the only authorized supplier.

HSE: MCS takes pride in its commitment to health and safety, and has implemented all of the Health, Safety and Environmental standards of EPC Groupe, which operates in over 25 countries worldwide, some with the most stringent HSE controls.

Attached is a list of products MCS offers. The Nomenclature Sheet provides equivalence of products end-users in KSA use currently with our products. Product Data-Sheets provide technical details of products we manufacture or supply.

MCS owns specially designed trucks for transporting explosive materials. These are duly approved by General Security.

For your enquiries regarding civil explosive materials supply please contact :

Commercial Department,
Modern Chemicals & Services Co.Ltd.
P.O.Box 300834, Riyadh 11372,
Office No.414 , 4th Floor,
Akariya Complex 2, Gate 10,
Olaya Street.
Tel : +966-50-4600608
Fax : +966-50-4190769
Email :


We have the best ANFO product in form of packaged bags of your requirement as well as MEMU trucks to deliver large quantity of any explosives at your site.
We are pioneer in our blasting services as per customer’s specific requirement regarding desired fragmentation relating to equipment being used as well as controlled blasting regarding any structural damage and noise pollution into the environment with most cost-efficient way.
Although we aiming to customer satisfaction at the highest level for their entire blasting requirement.
We are having all kind of civil explosives and accessories to cater all kind of customers, providing one spot services for every need.
We at MCS committed for highest level of safety for people, plant and for our environment abided by our quality products and highly skilled manpower for blasting assistance to our customer.
We can deliver our product all over the kingdom through our two plant situated very near to mining or quarry activities within minimum possible timeframe.
We can provide better product characteristics in terms of strength, reliability and environment friendly due to in-house highly efficient production and research wing we have.
Finally we are ready to cater your each, every and all specific or non-specific blasting requirement.