MEMU Truck

MEMU Truck

When it comes to bulk ANFO and emulsion blends, no-one has a better understanding of your needs than MCS.
MCS is currently the only authorize company to use MEMU trucks in Saudi Arabia.

Which MEMU system is best for you?

Built on our experience of operating blend trucks worldwide for more than 25 years, we are bringing this technology to Saudi Arabia for the first time. This system allows delivering non explosive chemicals directly into the shothole, and the mixture becomes explosive some time after the gasifying process.
Our MEMU service can offer you a range of services, designed to meet the needs more closely than ever before, and all with the same benefits of safety, efficiency, speed and affordability that have always made MEMU trucks simply the best way to blast.

Choose from different MEMU systems – all designed to make blasting safer, faster and more ef cient. Whichever system is used, MEMU is the cost-effective, versatile way to deliver products on site

Any job, any time, anywhere

ANFO MEMU trucks
ANFO is the perfect choice for dry applications. Our trucks provide the non-explosive raw materials to the site, mix them and provide the final product into the blasthole by a augering gravity system. Even remote or difficult locations can now benefit from MCS’s MEMU service, thanks to the 4×4 vehicles used. The off-road capabilities of the fleet ensure that high-powered explosives can be transported safely across rough terrain in the form of non-explosive components.

Multiblend MEMU trucks
With the same off-road capabilities than the ANFO MEMU trucks, the Multiblend MEMU trucks can deliver a complete range of products, whatever is more adapted to your application. The range goes from pure ANFO to pure emulsion, with different ratios in between. Various formulations from the high-powered Blendex range can be mixed on-site by our operatives, depending on the requirements of the blasting specification.