Anfo and Nitral

ANFO explosives are supplied either in bags or cartridge form and are suitable for use in dry borehole conditions. MCS's range of ANFO explosives includes NITRO and NITRAL.

NITRO and NITRAL are oxygen-balanced, free-flowing mixtures of ammonium nitrate prills and fuel oil. The lack of water resistance and low bulk strength of ANFO have to be recognized when designing blasts using these products.

Bulk ANFO may be delivered in a variety of approved containers and weights. These include bulk delivery with MEMU trucks, 1 000 kg big bags, 25 kg bags, and cartridges.

The classification for those products is UN 0082 and the hazard class compatibility group is 1.1 D.


25kg/bag (small), 1000kg/bag (big), Bulk production in MEMU’s.


Quarries, Mines, Civil works, in dry conditions and large diameter blast holes.


Safe (high insenitivity to shock), easy to handle and economical.