Company Information

Company Information

Modern Chemicals & Services Company ("MCS" ) is a Joint Venture between Modern Chemical Com­pany Ltd and EPC Minetech, a subsidiary of EPC GROUPE of France. MCS's core business activities are the manufacture and supply of civil explosives and tailor-made services to the growing mining and construc­tion industries in the Kingdom.
Our History
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Strategic and competitive advantages that MCS brings into Kingdom's commercial explosives sector.


EPC GROUPE is one of the leading manufacturers of civil explosives globally and offers innovative drilling and blasting solutions & services worldwide. Accordingly, MCS seeks to finally bring “state-of-the-art" technologies and know-how developed by EPC  GROUPE since its founding in 1893 into the Saudi market with the aim of better meeting the growing needs of the mining, and construction sectors.

Production Sites

MCS has established two dedicated production facilities in the Kingdom-one in the Eastern Province and the other in the Western Province. The day-to-day running of our manufacturing facili­ties is managed by dedicated and experienced EPC professionals as well as qualified Saudis that adhere to the best-in-the-trade practices globally. Both production sites have been certified by the High Commis­sion for Industrial Security (HCIS). The Jumoom factory is the biggest production site in the EPC GROUPE.

Blasting Advisory Services

Apart from manufacturing and marketing explosive materials, MCS offers to drill and blasting advisory services. Our services guide clients on the most cost-effective means to exploit and process mineral ores.

Bulk Explosives

MCS brings to the Kingdom the new concept of Bulk Explosives supply in MEMU Trucks (Mobile Explosives Mixing Units) which enables MCS to manufacture bulk explosives on-site, a technology that is new in Saudi Arabia and for which MCS is the only authorized supplier.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

MCS takes pride in its commitment to health and safety and has implemented all of the Health, Safety, and Environmental standards of EPC GROUPE, which operates in over 25 countries worldwide, some with the most stringent HSE controls.