Developing Competence

Developing Competence

We provide the industry with a comprehensive level of expertise for fulfilling the core requirements within the drilling and explosive sector.
Formal training and assessment is required for all operatives wishing to become involved with blasting operations. Training is provided to ensure that personnel have the required knowledge for the relevant standards that apply for shotfirers, explosives supervisors and operators of bulk explosives trucks.
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the Industry

As a leading supplier of commercial explosives and related services, no one is more aware of the critical contribution that training and technical understanding makes to the efficient and safe application of explosives technology.

Our range of training courses and assessment procedures are available to every user of commercial explosives throughout the country. MCS’s commitment is to our personnel, customers, government administration, and security forces.

Core Area Training

Actively involved in the explosives field on using explosives including mining, construction, day-to-day basis, MCS personnel are well placed in civil engineering, and tunneling and provide practical training courses for them. assessment within the industry’s core areas. These courses address a range of issues, including health and safety, blast design, initiation techniques, blasting legislation, environmental disturbance, and product performance measurement.

MCS is implementing the EPC training expertise and organization in Saudi Arabia. Courses or individual modules are available for all quarry personnel including Shotfirers, Supervisors, Engineers, and Managers. Training courses are available for security forces and other industries.

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You only have to look at our staff and pedigree with regards to expertise, experience and resources

The simple fact is that, whatever the training required, we’ve already faced and solved most problems. Add the latest technology to this level of experience and expertise and you can be sure you’ve found an organization that understands the explosives industry better than anyone else around.