Detonator – Non-Electric

Non-Electric Detonator

Monel initiation system is a complete range of non-electric detonators with delay times up to 8000 MS. For surface applications, such as quarrying and construction

Monel detonators are widely praised for their flexibility. Being easy to use, they allow saving time in the blast preparation while offering a high safety level.

The electric detonators with a Half-Second range consist of 13 delay numbers with a time interval of 0.5 seconds between successive numbers in the range.

Electric Detonators of Medium Intensity are suitable for general blasting operations. For situations where a higher degree of protection from electrical sources such as radios, mobile phones, etc. is required, the Electric Detonators with High Intensity are more suitable. The High-Intensity detonator requires the use of a high output exploder.