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Training Backed By Experience

Driving Employee Training Forward
EPC's training and assessment facilities have evolved from legislative requirements and direct customer demand for more formal training opportunities. Providing official courses in several countries in Europe, among them in France and UK, EPC is perfectly positioned to develop the training in Saudi Arabia by introducing the same courses. Actively involved in the field on a day-to-day basis, MCS personnel are well placed to drive forward the level of expertise in the explosive sector.
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Detailed Product Knowledge

Ensuring that blasting operations are as productive as possible requires detailed knowledge, considerable blasting experience, and an appreciation of environmental implications. By providing practical training and incorporating the latest techniques, we can prepare personnel to address the real, on-site challenges of today’s explosives industry.

Over the years MCS’s personnel have gained extensive experience in many fields relating to the manufacture and use of explosives and this pool of knowledge is now available to customers for projects ranging from the establishment of operating procedures to specific problem-solving.


Example of the type of work undertaken include:

Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Safety Audits

Establishment of Explosive Storage Facilities

Blast Design

From Standard Quarry Blasting to Special Projects, Vibration Monitoring, Prediction and Control

Blast Monitoring System

Test Blasts

Single-hole linear-superposition trials

Establishment of site specific control procedures

Blast Performance Monitoring

Velocity of Detonation

Fragmentation Assessment

Face Velocity

High-speed Videos

Oversize Assessments

Be Spoke Modular Courses

MCS is committed to supporting the industry in a focused and considerate way with a range of courses designed to meet the needs of particular industries and personnel.


EPC’s capability is unrivaled. From blast design and environmental control to on-site safety; we offer market-leading, modular training courses, in many cases tailored to individual company requirements. Utilizing the latest explosives technology and combined with one of the strongest skill sets in the sector, EPC can offer some of the most highly regarded training and assessment services in the industry.

On-Site Training

No other organization can offer the breadth of support or contribute directly to the ongoing training and professional advancement of the industry, particularly in its extensive, practical, on-site experience. Specific courses are designed to develop knowledge and good practice on-site, where teams are focused on day-to-day operations.