Emulsion Explosives


MCS manufactures NITRAM emulsion cartridges in a different range of diameters. These explosives are suitable for use as a primer for initiating Ammonium Nitrate

Packaged emulsions contain water in oil compositions, i.e. where the water solution of oxidizers is dispersed evenly between the oil phase. A surfactant (emulsifier) is used to ensure that the oxidizer remains dispersed in the fuel. A density-reducing agent is added to make the product detonator sensitive. As a result of the intimate blend of the oxidizer and the fuel and the fine particle size, emulsions have a higher velocity of detonation than slurries. These products have excellent water-resistant properties.

Packaged emulsion classification is UN 0241 and hazard class/compatibility group is 1.1 D


Cartridges of different diameters


As a primer or booster, quarries, mines, civil works. Specially for hard rock and tunnels


Water resistance, flexibility and velocity of detonation and low volume of fumes